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When you need to print variable data on demand, including shipping labels, barcodes, product identification labels, tickets, parts bins, price labels and more, thermal transfer or direct thermal labels provide an inexpensive, easy-to-use solution.

Thermal Transfer Labels

  • Rather than ink, both thermal transfer and direct thermal label printers use heat as the activator to transfer an image or print on to the label.

  • With thermal transfer labels, the printer uses a heated ribbon to print the image on the label. Get more durability than direct thermal or inkjet labels when you opt for thermal transfer labels for your packages. With excellent print quality most thermal transfer labels are longer lasting and able to withstand higher amounts of moisture and exposure to UV than direct thermal labels.

  • Direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon, a special coating on the label allows the printhead to heat the coating to produce the print. Ideal for short term or temporary use applications.

Thermal Transfer Labels

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