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Keep your shipped items safe and dry with the ultra-protective properties of SmartShield Courier Bags.

Courier Bags

  • SmartShield plastic courier bags are made from a polyethylene material that is tough enough to handle anything along your package’s journey.

  • These courier bags are incredibly lightweight, ensuring they don’t contribute toward your shipping costs.

  • Easily ship clothing and other sensitive items without worry due to its water resistance and tear-proof properties.

  • The outer surface material provides easy adhesion for ink, stamps and labels for shipment.


    Our self-sealing plastic courier bags provide clothing suppliers and countless other companies with a simple and effective solution to shipping their products without worry. Each is protective against Mother Nature with water-resistant materials and includes a tamper-resistant closure to ensure secure delivery to your destination. Order yours in your desired size from SmartShield Packaging today.

courier bags

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