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Make Your Name Stick With Printed Tape

Printed tape is an investment that everyone using packing tape needs to consider.


Not only does it reinforce your brand image everywhere your product goes, it increases the safety of your package and guarantees the respect of the recipient.


It is a fact that professional-looking product packaging automatically generates respect. When your package leaves the dock with a courier, it is important the courier understands the respect you demand for your product to reduce the risk of rough handling.


A typical carton with little care put into the packaging sends a message to both the courier and the recipient that safety and care for your product is not a priority.


But with custom printed tape, your package will be easily identifiable and the chance of product being lost is reduced. Evidence of a tampered product is instantly recognizable, as your tape is printed and cannot be done up the same. When your package arrives to its destination, the tape sends a clear message about where it’s from and it reduces the chance of it getting lost on the dock or in the receiving process.


What Type Of Printed Tape Do You Need?

Printed tape comes in a variety of dimensions and materials to ensure you can make your design entirely unique and suited for your needs. Different widths, colors and materials serve to make a tape that is completely yours.


Polypropylene, vinyl and paper tapes are all available in Canada.


Printed paper tape looks perfect on corrugated boxes, its color blending with the cardboard to make your logo stand out and the box look tidy. It is very strong and has reinforced stranding running through the tape to make it secure and safe. White or clear tape is ideal for white cartons, making them look clean and polished with a logo that makes a statement. Whatever types of packages you use, the variety of tape types will ensure you find the tape that suits your needs best.


Printed Tape Advantages


Printed tape not only enforces your brand to recipients of your products, but it promotes your brand internally. Your marketing staff will see a huge benefit in sending professionally packaged product and use it to their advantage in their advertising and brand image campaigns. Those in the warehouse packaging the product will notice the care you put into the appearance of the packaging.


It will generate a feeling of the standard being raised and they will take more care in the other areas of packaging. They will now be able to reuse cartons because printed tape covers a lot of the blemishes and its appearance takes the attention away from the box and to the tape instead. Packaging your product professionally positively impacts the way your staff feel about the brand and, if done right, can enforce your corporate identity. Printed tape is a very important step in getting the perfect package for your product.


Although printed tape is a higher price than the average price for plain tape, it is clear that the cost of this is simply an investment with a very high return. We can work with you to come up with the best design and ideas for your printed tape that will suit your exact needs, contributing to a package that is entirely unique to you and your company. Contact SmartShield today for a free consultation!


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