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How To Ship Large, Heavy Items Safely

Shipping unique products and machinery comes with unique challenges — especially if it is a heavy item that requires a pallet to ship.


The damage caused by shipping on pallets that are not purpose-built for the product has been observed by SmartShield’s custom packaging experts many times.


Heavy products often arrive at clients’ warehouses in the middle of a standard-size, large pallet – held on by yards of pallet wrap or plastic straps. Pallets that are not sized properly can result in extensive damage of your product from forklift trucks.


The risk of the product sliding off the pallet is greatly increased as the pallet wrap and strap holding it on is loosened in handling by the forklifts. This is because there is a lot of space between the edges of your product to the edge of the pallet. Pallets that are not purpose-built for your product can result in permanent damage to your product, making it unsellable. When product falls off the pallet, there is a chance the handlers will simply put the product back on the pallet and wrap it up again — sending a damaged product to your customer without any evidence of the fall until the customer opens it at their facility. This results in lost time, money and could impair your relationship with your customer.


So, what’s the solution? SmartShield provides custom packaging solutions to fit any need — and any package. Learn about our custom packaging process for shipping large, heavy items and get your quote today!


Using Custom Crates And Custom Pallets


With SmartShield’s in-house design team and CAD programs, we can design you a custom crate or pallet that will suit the needs you have for shipping your product. Our packaging specialists offer in-depth knowledge of the types of packaging to use and will ensure the pallet solution that you get is exactly what you need to guarantee a safe arrival.


Alongside customized pallets, SmartShield also offers custom crates for heavy shipments requiring full protection.


Imagine the time your shippers would save if you had the correct size crate with fitments that were the exact size for your product. All you would need to do is open the lid, place your product in and fix the lid shut again. No strapping, no stretch-wrapping, no shrink-wrapping and no taping. Your product is safe, the packaging is efficient, and you have peace of mind about its safe arrival.


Remember, first impressions count! If you want that next order, make sure the first one arrives intact. Scratches, breaks and dents drastically reduce your favorability in the customer’s eyes the moment your shipments appear this way.


You can lose your customer’s trust within minutes of them receiving a damaged shipment. SmartShield can provide a pallet with the correct size or a crate built to your exact specifications to ensure peace of mind that your equipment will ship safely and arrive in tip-top condition, looking as good as it did when it left your factory.


Contact SmartShield Packaging today to watch your bottom line increase and your customers’ smiles broaden!


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