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How Efficient Packaging Helps Your Bottom Line

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As any business owner or manager knows, the bottom line is always your top priority. And when it comes to your packaging, how you choose to package your product can affect your bottom line. 


You want to make sure you’re packaging your product in a way that it stays safe and protected throughout its entire journey. But you also want to make sure you’re not making any unnecessary expenditures during that process either. 

When it comes to packaging your products, SmartShield Packaging is here to help your learn different ways that you can be more efficient when it comes to your bottom line. When you’re ready to put some of these tips into action, make sure you order packaging equipment from us. From bulk supplies to custom packaging, we have everything you need to pack smarter!


Start Early On Custom Packaging


If you know you have a product or products that will need custom packaging, start as soon as possible! The moment you know what the final product will look like, start working on what the package needs to look like. This will give you the most time to design something that is eye-catching, unique, protective, and creates a positive unboxing experience for your client. 


Additionally, the earlier you start working with a company on designing your custom packaging, the more time you have to review prototypes and samples before ordering the completed product. You also won’t have to deal with exorbitant fees for last-minute work. 


Eliminate Last Minute Disasters


Just because the packaging is the last thing you do doesn’t mean it should be left until the last minute. When you have custom packaging planned for your product ahead of time, you’ve eliminated any unknown variables from the equation. 


Also, make sure you have all the packaging products you need in stock so you’re not ordering them last minute. If you have a large shipment that needs to be sent out, make sure you have enough staff on hand to handle those demands as well! 


This pre-planning will save your business both time and money. 


Perform Regular Machine Maintenance 


Like with your car and air conditioner, packaging machinery also needs routine maintenance. 


If you rely on machines to package your products, make sure you’re performing any recommended routine maintenance, eliminating repairs or replacements that could have been prevented or found earlier. 


There is nothing worse than your machinery breaking down in the middle of packaging! When that happens, it can delay your shipments and cost you and your business precious money and time. 


Also, don’t put off replacing or upgrading any of your machinery. While it might seem like a large upfront cost, having machinery that is faster, more efficient, and less prone to needing repairs will streamline your entire process and improve your bottom line in the future. 


Think Green 

If you want your company to be as eco-friendly as possible, one way you can do so is through your choice of packaging materials. 


Opt for paper over bubble wrap or foam. You can also find companies that create biodegradable or recyclable products. At SmartShield Packaging, our loosefill is biodegradable, making it a great, eco-conscious choice for your company. 


SmartShield Packaging 


When it comes to the packaging process, make sure you’re being the most efficient. We hope that these tips help you make decisions that positively impact your bottom line — and find areas where you can improve costs. 

Order packaging products and custom packaging form SmartShield Packaging today!



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