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How Custom Product Packaging Can Help You Make A First Impression


First impressions count. How does your product look when it gets to your customer?


Think about the impressions you receive of a company whose products arrive in a carton completely intact and unharmed with the supplier logo on it. You open it to find your product carefully placed in foam or corrugated sections holding it safe. You know this supplier cares. They care about the product, they care about their brand, and they care about you as a customer receiving the product.


Now imagine if you are that supplier. The one who, every time a customer receives one of your products, they find it carefully packaged and get that great feeling that comes from knowing someone cares. Designing safe arrivals is so much more than keeping the product safe. It’s about your brand, your company image and your reputation. Most importantly, it’s about keeping customers and saving money. Damaged shipments caused from inferior packaging cause problems immediately and can even upset the relationship between you and your customer.


Think right from the start – it’s a fact that most people don’t think about product packaging until it is ready to ship. It’s time to change that thinking and get prepared for product packaging from the start.


Call on SmartShield before your product is ready to ship and you’ll see that with the skilled people that we have on the team, a great package can be designed at the cost/budget that suits you.


Benefits Of Custom Product Packaging


What are some advantages to deploying SmartShield custom packaging solutions for your products? Here are just a few:


  • Save money by reducing returned damaged shipments
  • Avoid the harm old and used packaging can do to your product
  • Make your shipment stand out from the crowd
  • Reduce chance of shipment being lost with highly identifiable packaging
  • Increase visibility for your brand
  • Increase referrals from customers because of your care


SmartShield can stock your custom product packages and hold them ready to deliver to you just in time so that your shipments are not delayed. The packages can even come ready to put your goods in – just open the lid, place product in, and seal. Let SmartShield do the hard work of finding the best way to package it.


Custom packaging can be as simple as having a box printed or using high quality printed tape to define your packages. These packaged products will stand out in transit, allowing the courier driver to find your packages quickly and easily as they stand out and are identifiable.


Custom product packaging has saved many of our clients money, as most do not realize how expensive it is to be careless about packaging. We saw clients wasting time and money by using a lot of filling in a carton rather than having a perfect fitment, cutting down larger cases rather than having a perfect-sized box or using a lot of low quality tape instead of a quality tape that holds it shut the first time, and the list goes on.


Fortunately, we have a cost-effective, first-impression-friendly solution to product packaging.


A survey of your packaging can be arranged to see where money can be saved and where damages can be reduced and eliminated in the most cost-effective way.


See how other clients have experienced the SmartShield custom packaging difference, and then contact SmartShield to request a quote. We can help you find the best packaging solution for your product so it arrives safe every time.



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