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Why Choose Wood Crates?

The debate between crating and cardboard boxes is largely solved based on what is going in the package, how long the package will be in transit, the elements it may face on the way, and the durability required. 


Wood crates eliminate challenges like wet transit situations, heavy product concerns, and can be used a number of times before needing rework. 


Many customers use crates if they are sending one type of product to outside processing on a regular basis, and need a safe packaging solution to ship the product there and back. Instead of going through a box for each shipment, the crate serves over many shipments and saves money in the long term.


Crates can be nailed or screwed, depending on the application. A screwed crate can be can be unscrewed and delivered as a flat pack back to base if this is going to be used repeatedly. 


Crates are often painted, bearing the customer’s name or the product name. This ensures traceability in transit and greatly reduces any likelihood of theft or incorrect shipments. 


Crating can range from very small to very large – and SmartShield’s experience with crating has proved that size is not a problem. With our innovative team, we have developed several crates for expensive and very large airplane parts, and we have also developed small crates for medical devices. This experience has taught us how valuable a perfect packaging solution is. If the packaging is not adequate, the losses incurred from shipping damage are traumatic. A solid crate with custom inserts pay their way several times over in preventing such losses.


Often these crates have complex designs and requirements. Careful precision and design of wood and foam inserts is a common occurrence at SmartShield. Sometimes these products are worth millions of dollars or weigh hundreds of pounds, and the best packaging is only good enough. 


SmartShield’s process for designing and developing a crate is simple. Our design team uses a variety of methods throughout this process. We collaborate with our clients over Zoom, perform on-site visits to get dimensions, or reverse-engineer through your product drawings. 


Once we have a concept or the drawings of the product, we will design the crate using our sophisticated SolidWorks program. These 3D drawings will provide you the opportunity to see exactly how the product will fit in the crate and give your approval before anything is built. Once your approval has been granted, your crate will be built and shipped to you using the design from SolidWorks. We offer the alternative to generate a first-off for approval, so you can ensure that the crate is exactly to your liking before we do a production run.


All in all, crating has proved to be a well-worthwhile adventure for SmartShield. We pride ourselves in the safe transport of high-value shipments. Our CGP certification ensures we can carry out security-sensitive designs with confidence. Our ISO certification ensures a safe, consistent approach to custom packaging that you can rely on. Don’t hesitate to contact SmartShield today for your crating requirements!


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